Permanent Make Up

Imagine having your make up applied every morning before you leave the house by a professional make up artist… well, now you can! Amanda has over 30 years experience in the beauty industry. As a professional make up artist for television and film, she is sought after for weddings, balls and special occasions. She is a expert in using subtle techniques to enhance your best features for dramatic results. Further training in the precise field of Cosmetic Tattooing allowed for more permanent placement of her makeup skills: No more running or smidgen eyeliner, no more uneven or sparse eyebrows, and perfectly applied lipstick all day long is now possible. Permanent Make Up provides an instant facelift effect to create a fresh and youthful appearance by defining and lifting the brown area, adding definition to the eyes and lost volume to the lips.

Any changes to your chosen tattoo shape or style during retouch or colour refresh will incur an extra charge (for example, changing from micro blading to combination, or altering the shape) as this involves new design work. These changes may also require a second retouch appointment. Colour change (making them darker or warmer) is no extra cost, but may also require a second retouch appointment for optimal healed results.


Permanent Makeup Consultation$60
Powder/Ombre Brows (make up effect)$600
Microblading/Feather (hairstrokes)
Combination (feathering + powder)$700
Brow Retouch 6-8 weeks $250
Colour Refresh Brows 12-24 months$450
Colour Refresh Brows 24-36 months$500
Cover up Tattoo correction (1st appt)$700
Tattoo Removalfrom $400


Upper Lashline Tattoo$550
Lower Lashline Tattoo$500
Upper & Lower Lashline Tattoo$850
Upper Medium Eyeliner (no wing)$650
Upper & Lower Medium Eyeliner (no wing)$950
Upper Eyeliner - Wing$750
Upper Eyeliner - Shaded Wing$750
Upper & Lower Eyeliner - Wing/Shaded Wing$1050
Dramatic Upper Winger Liner (extra thick)$900
Lower Eyeliner $600
Single Eyeliner retouch 6-8 weeks$250
Upper & Lower Eyeliner retouch 6-8 weeks$350
Eyeliner Third Session (if required)$100
Colour Refresh Eyeliner 18-36 monthsPOA


Blended Lipliner/Ombre Lips$600
Lip retouch 6-8 weeks$250
Colour refresh 24-36 months$450
Full Lip Colour$800
Full Lip retouch 6-8 weeks$250
Colour Refresh 24-36 months$650

Li-ft Tattoo Removal

Your Cosmetic Tattoo requires reapplication every 12-24 months to stay looking perfect, apart from Microblading/feathering which may need refreshing in 9-12 months. Please note: any colour refreshing procedures performed after 24 months will incur an extra cost. Changing from one tattoo style to a different style will incur an extra cost eg. lashline tattoo to winged liner, microblading to powder). 

Retouch Appointment

As permanent Make Up is a minimum two treatment process we don’t consider your treatment complete until after your retouch appointment. This must be completed with 6-8 weeks of your initial treatment (depending on your procedure). Additional charges will apply after 3 months. 

Colour Refresh

Permanent Make Up requires reapplication every 12-18 months to stay looking perfect, apart from Microblading which may need refreshing in 9 - 12 months. Any colour refreshing procedures performed within 18 months will be charged at 60% of the full current price. Additional charges will apply after 18 months.

Before & Aftercare

Depending on your skin type, certain medical conditions, sun exposure and aftercare, your pigment should last between 2 and 5 years untouched. The exception being hairstrokes or microblading which will only last 12-18 months. We use excellent topical numbing products to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. Please follow all aftercare instructions precisely to achieve maximum pigment retention. Please discontinue all lash and brow growth serum, Omega oils, Asprin and anti-inflammatories 4 weeks before you treatment. Limit coffee and alcohol 2 days prior. Lash and brow serums must not be used for 4 weeks after the treatment.